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If you live in Vancouver, or one of the many surrounding residential communities such as Battleground, Camas, Longview, Kelso, Washougal, etc., there is a good chance that we have provided remodeling services or painting projects on a site near you. 

When you are ready to create or update that special indoor or outdoor living area to your exact specifications and taste, it’s time to call Wright Way Contracting.

Exterior Painting

The exterior of your home or building takes a lot of abuse from outdoor elements and gets much more wear and tear than the interior surfaces receive from your daily activities.  Over the course of each year the exterior paint receives a beating from the heat of our scorching summers to the cool and sometimes cold winters, and from sun, wind, rain and pollution.  All these things will quickly degrade your paint, splinter your siding and wood trim, and damage your doors.  Any exterior painted surfaces will most likely need to be painted more often than your interior surfaces just to protect the structure and appearance of your home.

Exterior Preparation
To withstand the elements over time, one of the most important elements of an exterior painting project is preparation, preparation and preparation.  This may include sanding certain surfaces, patching holes, dents or cracks, caulking around openings such as windows, and proper priming before the actual painting is performed.  If the proper preparation is performed it will have a large, positive impact on the finished appearance and also on the longevity of the final work.  
Exterior Painting

After the proper preparation is completed and the surfaces are primed, it will be necessary to apply two complete coats of excellent quality exterior paint for the best long-term results.  Do not scrimp on paint quality.  Excellent paint quality will last years longer than lesser paints.  

When choosing the paint or stain, pay close attention to the types of surfaces being painted, such as concrete, stucco, wood or brick.  Purchase the best quality of exterior paint that is recommended for the types of surfaces you will paint.  And be sure the painter follows the manufacturer’s directions for best results.

Benefits of Having Your Home Painted

Whether you are staying with your existing color scheme or selecting new colors to achieve a different look, a fresh coat of paint provides many benefits to your interior and exterior surfaces.  It’s a quick and easy way to give your home a fresh, clean appearance with updated appeal.  Here are just a few of the important benefits of painting your home:
  • Increases Property Value – According to real estate studies, new paint can significantly increase your home’s value and it certainly improves first impressions of any potential buyers. If you’re thinking about selling, a new paint job is essential to maximize your results.
  • Boosts Curb Appeal – Your home’s exterior is the first thing neighbors and guests see when they arrive at your home. New paint will boost curb appeal and give your home updated style. Remember, “first impressions are lasting impressions.”
  • Protects Exterior Surfaces – Painting exterior walls, trim and other surfaces will help protect your home from the outdoor elements that can cause structural damage. Paint also prevents grime and dirt from becoming embedded in exterior surfaces.
  • Protects Interior Surfaces – Painting interior walls, ceilings and trim will help these areas hold up better under normal wear and tear. It will also protect surfaces from dirt, dust, grease, marks and stains that build up over time.
  • Provides An Immediate Update – Painting provides and immediate refreshing update to all surfaces.  Whether you keep the same colors or change to a new color scheme, a quality paint job immediately updates the surfaces and provides a clean, refreshed and new look and feel.
  • Hides Imperfections – Painting both interior and exterior walls, ceilings and trim will help to cover imperfections or damages that are difficult to remove or repair, especially in older homes that often have plaster walls.
  • Extends Siding Lifetime – Quality siding should last up to 50 years, but daily exposure to the elements can cut down on that lifetime. Painting can make siding look new again, increase its durability, and save you money from replacement siding.
Whether you’re painting your home’s interior, exterior, or both, it can be a challenging job that takes a lot of time and commitment. For best long-term results, it’s better to hire a professional painter who can ensure a quality paint job. It may cost you more up front than DIY efforts, but you’ll save time, effort and money in the end.
Which Is The Right Paint?
Good paint will last longer, wear well and provide for easy cleaning and maintenance of the covered areas.  So when it is time for a new paint, be sure to choose the right paint to give you the coverage you need and save you money over the long run.  We will use the paint that you select and even help you in choosing the various options for your project. 
Consider these different kinds of paint finish options and design tips:
  • High Gloss
This paint finish provides a shiny “lacquered” look and is great for high durability along with easy cleaning.  Therefore, a high gloss finish paint is perfect for contemporary areas like kitchen and bathroom cabinets, interior doors, and trim.  Its shiny surface reflects light well however and it does show imperfections on surfaces like ceilings and walls.
  • Semi-Gloss
A semi-gloss paint finish also provides high durability and for easy cleaning.  It has a slightly lower sheen than the high gloss paints.  It is also good for kitchen and bathroom cabinets, walls and trim areas where moisture, spills and stains are a potential issue.  As paints have improved and options have expanded, semi-gloss has slowly declined in its popularity.
  • Satin
With its velvety, soft finish satin paint has become the most popular finish for our clientele’s cabinetry, trim and doors.  However, it can show roller marks or brush strokes if application is not done properly.  This finish provides for easy cleaning and is highly durable.  It works well in high-traffic places such as hallways, foyers, family rooms and children’s bedrooms. 
  • Eggshell
Eggshell finish paint provides a low sheen finish along with medium durability and cleaning.  It has only a slight luster and is often used on walls in areas like living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.  Some, however, prefer to use it in the kitchen, bathroom and play areas that have a high risk of splash exposure simply because they prefer the lower sheen finish.
  • Flat or Matte
This type of finish has only medium to low durability and does not stand up as well to cleaning.  It has the most pigment and therefore provides the most coverage on walls since it does not reflect any light.  It works well on interior areas that do not get much wear and tear.  Even though it is not as durable, it is easy to touch up. 


Has your home lost its sparkle or is it looking just a bit dingy?  Maybe it’s time for a fresh coat of new paint inside or outside.  In just a few days, a new coat of paint may be the answer you need to transform your home into a living space with stunning designer appeal.  Painting is a fast, and simple way to give your home, or any living area, a well-deserved facelift.
In terms of reviving your living space, painting is one of the simplest, easiest and least expensive ways to update and actually transform the look and feel of your home or office.  You can change interior or exterior colors and freshen up stained or dirty walls while increasing the resale value of your home and boosting its curb appeal.  Painting is a very simple and fast way to refresh the look and feel of your home without causing major damage to the budget. 

Interior Painting

Most folks don’t actually clean their walls on a regular basis even though they clean each room on a normal recurring schedule.  Walls are sometimes the forgotten areas because they do not serve a living activity function.  However, they do still collect dirt, dust, marks, fingerprints and stains—especially if you have pets, small children or a busy household. 
Some people do wash their walls occasionally, but this can result in removing some of the paint along with the dirt and stains.  As time passes walls become dull and dingy.  A new, fresh coat of paint will keep your interior clean and bright.  We can paint it the same color or a different color to change up the area even more. 

Basement Finishing or Remodeling

So you are finally ready to finish your basement.  Adding new finished living space to your basement area definitely will improve the value of your home.  It also will provide that extra room needed as your family grows.  Maybe you just need the space for an entertainment center or game room.  Completing a project like this can have a positive impact on adding to your family lifestyle.  Family rooms, utility storage spaces, extra bathrooms and bedrooms, game rooms, theater areas--these are all great additions to your living space and you wonder why you didn’t finish this space before now.  Let us know what your basement area dreams are and we will work closely with you and deliver a bid to make it all a reality.
Or maybe it’s the basement that needs to be updated or modified.  Tired of your current layout?  Need some updates to accommodate new family members?  Family size or composition change and need some modifications?  Whatever the reasons, Wright Way Contracting can make the changes you need and update small areas or even your entire basement layout. 

Outdoor Areas

Are you ready to upgrade your outdoor spaces?  Whether it is an outdoor kitchen with a built-in grill and all the appliances, a patio fireplace, a fire pit, a cedar arbor, a stamped concrete or paver patio, or any combination of these or other outdoor upgrades, we can build it for you to enjoy.  We can deliver the backyard of your dreams so you can enjoy outside parties, dinners, gatherings and activities.  We have the skills and experience to convert build you own backyard showroom and bring your outdoor living desires to life.

Bathroom Remodeling

When it’s time to update the appearance and function of your bathroom, a remodel project is in order.  These jobs can be both challenging and extremely satisfying.  It doesn’t matter whether you are updating or changing the small bathroom in your entry, your master bath suite or the kid’s bathroom.  Each change needs the right planning and design to address your lifestyle, your personal desires and fit your home’s design style to enhance your property.  Hire one of the best bathroom remodeling contractors in Vancouver Washington. 

Kitchen Remodeling

Outdated kitchen?  Your kitchen remodel can vary from a simple refresh of painted cabinets to an extensive demolish and restart from scratch.  It will take proper planning, time and effort and budget considerations to get the high quality result you have in mind.  This is a time to consider the design and start with longevity in mind so you can enjoy the results for 15 years or more before you think of changing things up again. 
During the planning for a significant kitchen remodeling project it is important to consider the layout, the function and the efficiency of the design before you hire a contractor to modify your current setup.  It is critical to create a kitchen layout that makes cooking and kitchen activities easier and more efficient regardless of the size or shape of kitchen area you design. We would be happy to work with you and provide the resources you need before any work begins.  You want to get this one right from the start.

We are a full-service remodeling contractor with over 20 years of experience and are specialized in understanding your goals and providing experienced professionals to accomplish the results in the best manner possible.  Whether it’s remodeling your bathroom, kitchen, basement, outdoor areas or other living spaces or just refreshing a room, or your entire house, with a new coat of paint, we are a general contractor recognized for building excellence.  We work with you to understand your needs, plan your project and then go to work to improve your home’s or office’s value and your quality of life.  For small jobs or projects, we also have expertise in many different areas

Wright Way Contracting has been in the construction, remodeling and maintenance for home owners, property managers and commercial clients for over two decades.  We have worked nationally for all types of buildings and projects and have held a General Contractors License in California, New Mexico, Utah, and now currently in Washington.

Remember to never hire any contractor for any job without checking their license and insurance.  Here is a link to the Washington State department of labor and industries.   You can use this link to search any contractor you are considering:

"I believe in business integrity. I believe in loving what you do because you are doing it to help people, share information, and educate yourself and others." 


If you believe this too, let's work together to maintain your homes, build and remodel your dreams, and repair your commercial and residential property. -James Wright (Owner)

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